Enemy of Man (Chronicles of Kin Roland) by @scottmoonwriter #SciFi

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Kin shrugged. “I know this place like the back of my hand. I also know that if I walk down Main Street, people will see me and want to talk. It’ll take three days to get to the meeting hall.” Kin was impressed with his own bullshit. He picked his course to avoid Orlan, who would be shaking down Crater Town citizens like the thug he was.

Hellsbreach memories, ever present, rose to the surface. He took a deep breath, held it, then exhaled slowly. The urge to close his eyes was strong, almost as strong as the desire to return to his bed and sleep the day away. He never yielded to the post-traumatic stress and the melancholy that came with it.

Anxiety could give way to manic euphoria, much as it had when he realized he survived the first Reaper attack, but he didn’t know whether other veterans…

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Enemy of Man (Chronicles of Kin Roland) by @ScottMoonWriter #SciFi #TBR

Slam Dunk Books


HEROES weren’t sealed in space caskets and launched into the void—not while they were still breathing. Kin shuddered. Memories came at night; they came with regrets, fears, and nightmares only a man buried alive could understand. Heroes destroyed the enemy. Heroes saved the day and died before they could wear medals or explain what it was like to shed the blood of millions.

This room is too dark.

Kin needed to go outside and look at the sky, but the wormhole song, the distant groaning of a universe unraveling, reminded him of Hellsbreach—gunfire, plasma bolts, and nuclear explosions on the horizon. Better to dream of Becca, though she was the reason he volunteered for the campaign.

“Stop thinking of her,” Laura said.

Kin sat up in bed, dropped his feet to the floor, and watched her drift back to sleep. Her chest rose and fell, a silk…

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Something different.

Great advice from a talented writer.

The Tikiman Says...

You write, let’s say, crime fiction and you enjoy writing it. You’ve developed a technique and a style and you have finally found your voice. Others have read your work, whether as a manuscript or in book form or as an eBook, and they like what you do. They’re even waiting for the next work.

Then you realize you hate what you’re doing because it’s no different from brushing your teeth, something you’ve done countless times that the only thing to make sure of is wiping your mouth and not getting any dried toothpaste on your beard. It occurs to you that you could become as drab and droll a writer as you were when you were starting out.

So, what do you do? Something different.

Too often, we get caught up in the ease of the familiar because (let’s face it) writing is difficult. It requires more than just…

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My Big Brindle Heart: A Love Story

This article says a lot about human nature, love, and man’s best friend.

Girl Boner

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” — Laozi


As I sit down to write this, tears fill in my eyes, not because I’m sad or offset by an empty page, but because that’s what love does. It raws and humbles us, leaving even the most gregarious of writers speechless. Other times, though we may struggle to find the proper words, it compels us to speak up.

Before I met Zoe, the deaf American bulldog who wriggled her way into my heart, I thought my life was pretty swell. After overcoming a severe eating disorder and a marriage I now hesitate to call one, I was fulfilling my dream of living and working as an actor in Los Angeles. I’d recently moved in with my then boyfriend (let’s call him Clyde), who seemed beyond wonderful to most everyone who knew him. People…

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Day 1 of 90 (Novel In Progress)

This seems like quite a project!

Benjamin Walker Colt

The first day is always the most exciting, and terrifying. If you viewed my page titled ‘The Plan’, you’ve seen that I intend to explore a method by Alan Watt (which he developed from the L.A. Writer’s Lab).

I read the first part of the book and came to the daily exercises. Bam! I hit the brakes. I’m not going to read a bunch of writing exercises without doing them. How tedious would that be? Yet, the program starts with six exercises that are each five minutes in duration. (No problem, I say.) Followed by ninety minutes free writing in the story world.

Two hours a day is quite a commitment, considering the program does not have you actually writing the novel until day twenty-nine or thereabouts.

Time to make a decision.

Tic, toc. Tic, toc.

Why not.

Since you may be skeptical of my resolve, I included a photo of…

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Smart Phon App / PC Double Login

Apparently, you cannot be logged into your WordPress phone app and make edits on the computer. This makes sense. I am slapping my head saying “Duh!”

Once upon a time (five minutes ago) and a land not so far away (here) I tried to published a blog post on this WordPress site. Over and over I published it. But it just never showed up online now matter how many times I check , rechecked, and banged my head on my desk.

Then I remembered that I had started the post on my smart phone app. So, in a moment of rare brilliance, I logged off the phone app. I made corrections for the tenth time and hit the “publish” button. The result became Let’s Be Clear, a blog article by yours truly.

Let’s Be Clear

Welcome to the second article on Focus. Let’s start with crafting an operational definition.

A person can focus on a specific task, object, or thought. A quick dictionary search might reveal ‘concentration’ is a better word for what I am discussing.

Concentration: The exclusive attention to one object, close mental application.  (Dictionary.com)

For my purposes, close mental application is what I’m looking for. A well-developed ability to be in the moment without distraction should prove beneficial for writers, artists, students, and others attempting to master a skill. The ability to skillfully use ‘close mental application’ is a critical tool for soldiers, firefighters, and law enforcement officials.

If used correctly, focus (close mental application) is the essence of Situational Awareness. The caveat for public protectors is that each individual must also avoid tunnel vision. The ideal is to be focused on the situation / environment, rather than a single aspect of the incident.

I’ve also focused on long term goals. Sticking to a major project is an underrated skill. Many people want to write a novel or learn a musical instrument, but fail to commit to daily work and delayed gratification. In later aspect, I will consider Long Term Focus in more detail.

What are some things that might help Immediate Focus? Check out the Happy Neuron Blog (Brainfitnessforlife.com) for some basic tips. Seven are listed on the blog. I will discuss one and mention two.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast and don’t be so serious. Laugh when you can. That will likely be the best part of your day, don’t you think?

That is good advice, as the other suggestions on the Happy Neuron Blog. The item that caught my interest, however, is the assertion that humans are programed for a break every two hours. It doesn’t have to be much. A short walk, a bit of humor, things like that.

I like the idea of a short break every couple of hours, because modern life is go, go, go, hey everyone let’s multi-task to maximize productivity. Look at me, I can do it all as long as I consume energy drinks. Watch out for the sugar crash…

My personal take-away tip: stop multi-tasking. Decide in advance. I will focus on reading this book. Or, I will now give my kids all of my attention. Maybe, I am going to enjoy this movie without checking my Facebook page.

In future articles, I will discuss using a timer to maximize Immediate Focus.

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Scott Moon earned a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree of Public Administration at Wichita State University. He writes fiction, practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and plays in a rock band during his free time. Dragon Badge, Dragon Attack, and Enemy of Man are speculative fiction novels available for sale through Amazon and other online retailers.