I Should Really Do This More Often …


So being new to this whole “being a writer” gig, I haven’t quite mastered all the ins and outs of the social networking phase. I started my blog to have a place to show off my work, speak my mind, and because EVERYONE in the writing world told me I needed to have one. Smile.

And I love blogging.

But most often I use it to spout off on some idea or ideal I’ve formed in my head or observed about the world, while others writers I know are blogging about books and authors and agents. Tonight I’m going to change that tune a bit.

About a year ago I had the privilege of hearing Andrew E. Kaufman speak at a writers conference. His words have echoed in my head time and again since that night, encouraging me to keep going, keep plugging away, even when I was certain every…

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One thought on “I Should Really Do This More Often …

  1. Thanks for reposting!

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