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So being new to this whole “being a writer” gig, I haven’t quite mastered all the ins and outs of the social networking phase. I started my blog to have a place to show off my work, speak my mind, and because EVERYONE in the writing world told me I needed to have one. Smile.

And I love blogging.

But most often I use it to spout off on some idea or ideal I’ve formed in my head or observed about the world, while others writers I know are blogging about books and authors and agents. Tonight I’m going to change that tune a bit.

About a year ago I had the privilege of hearing Andrew E. Kaufman speak at a writers conference. His words have echoed in my head time and again since that night, encouraging me to keep going, keep plugging away, even when I was certain every…

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The end of hope

Plays Well With Words

I’m tired of believing.

Tired of wishing on stars.

Tired of dreaming the impossible dream.

Tired of waiting for answers.

Tired of hoping things will change.

Things won’t change.

But I can.

I can know instead of believe.

I can stop wishing and just enjoy the stars.

I can wake from impossible dreams and see what really is possible.

I can find out instead of waiting for answers from something else.

I can change instead of hoping my world will.

Belief is an excuse if there is no movement behind it.

Wishes need dedication to become reality.

Dreams can prevent you from seeing the beauty in each moment.

Waiting for answers is never as satisfying as discovering the truth.

Hoping things will change, can keep you from changing yourself.

Goodbye belief.

Goodbye wishes.

Goodbye dreams.

Goodbye waiting.

Goodbye hope.

Hello reality. Hello action. Hello me. Hello you?

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