Something different.

Great advice from a talented writer.

The Tikiman Says...

You write, let’s say, crime fiction and you enjoy writing it. You’ve developed a technique and a style and you have finally found your voice. Others have read your work, whether as a manuscript or in book form or as an eBook, and they like what you do. They’re even waiting for the next work.

Then you realize you hate what you’re doing because it’s no different from brushing your teeth, something you’ve done countless times that the only thing to make sure of is wiping your mouth and not getting any dried toothpaste on your beard. It occurs to you that you could become as drab and droll a writer as you were when you were starting out.

So, what do you do? Something different.

Too often, we get caught up in the ease of the familiar because (let’s face it) writing is difficult. It requires more than just…

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