Day 1 of 90 (Novel In Progress)

This seems like quite a project!

Benjamin Walker Colt

The first day is always the most exciting, and terrifying. If you viewed my page titled ‘The Plan’, you’ve seen that I intend to explore a method by Alan Watt (which he developed from the L.A. Writer’s Lab).

I read the first part of the book and came to the daily exercises. Bam! I hit the brakes. I’m not going to read a bunch of writing exercises without doing them. How tedious would that be? Yet, the program starts with six exercises that are each five minutes in duration. (No problem, I say.) Followed by ninety minutes free writing in the story world.

Two hours a day is quite a commitment, considering the program does not have you actually writing the novel until day twenty-nine or thereabouts.

Time to make a decision.

Tic, toc. Tic, toc.

Why not.

Since you may be skeptical of my resolve, I included a photo of…

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