A New Hope (of learning WordPress)

My wife is a big fan of Lisa Leake’s 100 Days of Real Food blog. Recently, we have adopted a plant based diet, and while Leake’s blog doesn’t focus on vegan meals, much of the information is useful. We have really enjoyed the healthy food ideas from 100 Days.

Yesterday, my wife told me Lisa Leake’s husband, Jason, has created a new site called Pro Blog School to share the lessons he learned helping with his wife’s incredibly successful blog. That caught my attention.

I checked it out, left comments, and received prompt replies with good information. I’ll keep following this one.

All of this made me rethink my abandonment of WordPress. With great enthusiasm, I am once again learning WordPress.

Where to start?

I’ve used blogs and You Tube videos, but since I like reading, I decided on WordPress to Go, by Sarah McHarry as the first step in my new journey.


Thus far, WordPress to Go has been easy to follow. She uses Hostgator, which I looked into so I could follow along and build a blog as she suggests. However, I’m not sure which domain name I want. I think I’ll read the book first, do the lessons that don’t require a Hostgator domain, and then decide how much money I want to spend.

At this point in my blogging career, I’m very careful about how much I invest. Despite all the internet gurus claiming that blogging is a fast way to riches, I’ve not found this to be the case. Call me a careful novice with a budget and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Hostgator offers three levels of hosting. The Baby (baby alligator I presume) allows the ability to host multiple domains (I think) on one account. The price doesn’t seem bad at all: $7.97 a month or $95.64 a year. (The rates go down for longer contracts.) However, by the time I decided I needed Domain Privacy Protection, $9.95 a year, SiteLock, $1.25 a month, and Site Back-up $19.95 a year, I was going to spend about $153 just to try out my new skills.

I should note there are coupon codes that make it a bit cheaper. Also, I’m assume these prices will vary.

I think the price of hosting a blog and purchasing a domain name is probably well worth it, I’m just not ready to spend it right now. I also think GoDaddy, Weebly, and other web hosting services are similar as far as cost goes.

Stay Tuned

I will be working my way through WordPress to Go and sharing my own thoughts. Please don’t expect too much direct information from the book. This will be more like a running book review mixed with my own trials and travails in the world of blogging.

Thanks for visiting https://moonsayswhat.wordpress.com

My primary blog (on Blogger) is http://www.scottmoonblog.com

Feel free to stop by!


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