Me? Nonfiction?

I write fiction. Always have, always will. Heck, I’m even blogging a novel (Zombies at Long Range)

Here’s a little know fact about your’s truly; I love motivational books. Peter Drucker, John Maxwell, Steven Covey, and Anthony Robins to name a few. (Note: none of these links are affiliate links. I chose them for the descriptive value, though them seem awfully monetized. Such is life.) Each author / ¬†motivational speaker provides useful tools people can use.

I’d like to contribute something like that, if on a lesser extent.

Lightning Strikes

I was greedily listening to Getting Things Done, by David Allen, when it happened. The exciting promise of this excellent book on personal organization and time management had drawn not only my complete attention, by my imagination as well. The revelation that projects can’t be managed but actions to accomplish tasks can really excited me.

I began making a list in my head, eagerly anticipating the moment I would stop the car and type the list into Wunderlist (a great app by the way). Inspiration is a beautiful thing, so what’s the problem.

The problem is that I was half-listening to the audio book. One second I was absorbing information like micronutrients from a vegetable juicer, the next I was was listening to the book, planning multiple projects, and reminding myself to add each to my most recent to-do list.

I promptly skipped the audio book back two minutes and listened again. The nagging suspicion that I had missed something proved entirely correct.

For several months I had been brainstorming for a nonfiction blog-to-book project that would really mean something and held my interest.

My Personal Mission

I will quest for the secret of Focus on a small events and large. I will read books, watch videos, attend classes, interview people, and learn all that I can to develop expert skills.

Focus, the ability to get the most out of the moment, to learn skills, process information, or enjoy family time, is a noun I’d like to make my personal verb.

I want to set out the target and blast it with a laser. (Not that I have anything against the target / goal. I’m just smacking around words here. Laser intense focus, it may be the secret to everything.)

Scott Moon earned a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree of Public Administration at Wichita State University. He writes fiction, practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and plays in a rock band during his free time. Dragon Badge, Dragon Attack, and Enemy of Man are speculative fiction novels available for sale through Amazon and other online retailers.


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