Lessons Learned From My Blonde Joke-Free Year

Girl Boner

smart blondes blog

Language both reflects and shapes our culture, and our use of it can profoundly affect our lives. When I decided to trash my blonde card one year ago, I did so on principle. I’d realized that the “humor” is damaging, and not laugh-worthy at all. While I felt optimistic about the shift, I didn’t anticipate was how deeply its effects would run for me personally. Here are some of the takeaways the venture provided.

1. Blonde “humor” was hurting me. For years, I thought little of it when I jokingly blamed my hair color for mistakes and oversights: “I found my lost keys in the freezer. I’m such a blonde!”  (Even typing that just now felt uncomfortable.) Rather than the truth, that I’m a daydreaming creative who has better things to ponder than key storage, or simply laugh at the humanness of it all, I told myself and anyone in…

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