Scott Moon Book Release – Enemy of Man

The Hero’s Journey

Enemy of Man is the first book in a series about Kin Roland, a veteran soldier running from an impossible moral dilemma. Was his choice the right choice?

Roland lives in exile until a Reaper named Droon follows a battered Earth Fleet Armada through an uncharted wormhole to Crashdown. The Fleet wants to execute Kin for failing to destroy the Reaper home world. The Reaper wants what all Reapers want, to rip Kin apart.

Enemy of Man: The Chronicles of Kin Roland: Book One sets the stage for a sweeping space adventure that will lead Earth Fleet home, for better or worse.

The Writer’s Journey

This is my second Kindle Direct Publishing book, but the first in this series. I like to switch back and forth between my favorite genres to stay fresh. I read the same way, so why not?

What is different about this book? While Dragon Badge has earned 38 Amazon reviews and maintains a 4.1 star average, Enemy of Man benefits from both experience and resources. At age twelve, over thirty years ago, I started writing novels. I have since started a family, found a career, and earned two degrees (a BA in Psychology and a Masters of Public Administration). So the release of Dragon Badge last year wasn’t done on a whim.

Having said that, I definitely learned a lot in the last year. Countless discussions with writers, two conferences, numerous books on writing, and practice, practice, practice.

Several beta-readers and two editors helped with Enemy of Man. I used Serenity Editing Software before sending the manuscript to my paid editor. Will there be typos and other short comings? Sure, but they should be at an absolute minimum. I love writing. I’m dedicated to the craft of writing well.

I consider all feedback and advice, even when it hurts. So leave a comment, write a review, or send me an email. Feedback makes me a happy writer. Look Mom, someone read my book!

The Wisdom of the 800 Pound Gorilla

Enemy of Man is first and foremost a science fiction adventure. I chose ‘action’ and ‘military’ as sub-categories during the KDP upload. Amazon, in their wisdom, added the sub-category of ‘space marine’.

There are space marines in the book, however they play a greater role in book two. Military operations have two components of infantry in the Chronicles of Kin Roland series. Marines are attached to the Navy. Earth Fleet Marines sometimes fight planetside, but specialize in ship-to-ship assaults (very hazardous in space). Earth Fleet Troopers perform most of the planetary assaults.

This was Kin Roland’s military operational specialty before his mishap on Hellsbreach. His sometimes-friend, sometimes-nemesis, Orlan, is a Fleet Trooper par excellence. He has a serious grudge against Kin and some ulterior motives.

Hard to say who is more dangerous, Orlan or the Reaper.

The ‘space marine’ category is a great marker for this series. I’m glad Amazon put Enemy of Man where people who enjoy military adventure can find it.

Make My Day

Everyone loves a Dirty Harry quote, right? But seriously, I get excited when people read my books. To make things easier and build some book buzz, I’m keeping the price low, $0.99, for awhile. On July 9th and 10th, 2013, I’m offering Enemy of Man for free on Amazon.

If you don’t want to wait that long, but want to try Enemy of Man risk free, I encourage you to download the free preview offered on Amazon.


Scott Moon

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