Michelle Jenneke Has Fun

Michelle Jenneke has achieved You Tube super stardom thanks to her warm-up routine. It’s easy to see why. She’s hot and having a good time. Kind of a girl next door getting ready to run kind of thing.

Could this type of viral fame be orchestrated? Who knows? Who cares? I do wonder if she resents her athletic skill being overshadowed by her fun-loving personality. She is obviously a dedicated athlete.

Google and You Tube searches for Michelle Jenneke located many versions if her original video. Most have been put to music and/ or slow motion. This one has over 23,000,000 views. Wow!

The Cosby Sweaters interview only has 253,000 views, but is actually one of the first You Tube vids I saw on this phenomena. This is where I drew the name for this blog post. If you watch the entire interview, she talks about falling a lot during practice (but never in a race, fortunately). In all seriousness, I found this to be good advice for life in general.

So, after all the hype, what it takes is practice.


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