WordPress and the Cave Man

“Ugg. Me bang rocks together. Ugg.”

This brilliant snippet of dialogue is how I feel when I learn a new piece of social media. This is my third attempt at a WordPress site, because the others were the wrong topic, the wrong title, or became neglected in the shadow of my web site, http://www.scottmoonwriter.com,  or my Blogger blog, http://www.scottmoonblog.com.

Why so many sites? The simple answer is that I become distracted by shinny things. The complete answer is that I am still trying to decide which I like best. I use http://www.Weebly.com for my website. It’s easy, but the blog feature is weak. Blogger has been simple and straight forward and possibly has an advantage in Google’s SEO world (but I really don’t know). WordPress, for some reason, gives me constant fits of profanity laden frustration.

But so many people advocate WordPress! WordPress this, WordPress that, WordPress is easy.

Since I’m stubborn, like a cave man, I’ll try it again. Maybe the third time will be charmed.

Ugg. WordPress good. Internet obscurity bad.

And thus ends the first post on MoonSaysWhat.wordpress.com

Thanks for playing.


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