A Week of WordPress

Last night, or early this morning, rather, I watched a twenty-six minute video on WordPress for beginners. That’s me: the last WordPress guy on the planet. Sometimes, I feel the social-media starship has left the planet, leaving me to bang rocks together and wait for a lightning bolt to start a fire.

The video in the above link is old, but most of the dashboard looks the same and there were several useful items I implemented.

  • I added an About Scott Moon page and learned pages are static, while posts are presented on the home page in reverse chronological order. The You Tube video also showed how to make the home (or other pages) static, though I have no need for this at present.
  • I learned how to put an external link in the menu bar on my home page linking to http://www.scottmoonwriter.com/.
  • I learned how to link a category from this blog to the menu bar on the home page. In this case, I used the only category I have thus far, Learning WordPress.
  • I learned how to use bullet points, though this is so easy I probably should not brag.

The twenty-six minute video covers many other things that you might find useful, whether you are an author working on your social media platform or an entrepreneur expanding your business marketing. During #AWeekOfWordPress I will watch one relevant YouTube video a day and spend no more than thirty minutes (using a stop watch) working on this blog. One of the most important skills in blogging is time management. I have learned I must start with a plan and set limits or I don’t get any writing done, which is my first priority.

Moon says what?

Moon says WordPress has potential.

What do you say?


2 thoughts on “A Week of WordPress

  1. I’m a big fan of WordPress. (Shocker, I know! ;)) It’s incredibly user-friendly, for bloggers and readers.

    Good for you for prioritizing both blogging and time management. Both will take you far.

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